Words for Dad

Jim Surkamp Dad’s Funeral

The word love is never overused
I am happy. My tears are sweet.
Later I’ll miss him. But I need only to

Thank you in the Orange County Hunt for being Art’s chieftain tribe.
Thank you Cammie for being at the good man’s elbow in the saddle and the

I thank God for a sunny Wednesday morning when the thundering hunt passed
then my Dad passed with a Death so fine and perfect it could only come from

Giving him respite from years of worrying love and unfaltering care to Barbara

Thank you Barbara for your years of humble support to Dad’s passion.
Our thoughts, love, peace and prayers rush to you from here.

Art has rejoined and is now riding for hot leather with Mosby, Stuart and
Dolly Richards and is riding over endless terrain on an eternally sunny day.

Farewell my beloved knight and father
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you